Loudon Machine is always working on the "next great product".

Here are some of the items coming up the pipeline from our Engineering team. If you like something, give us a shout!

Single to Double Bar Conversion

805/855 single bar to SS-15 double bar conversion

  • Convert a single bar head SS-15 stitcher over to an SS-15, 855 type double bar head.
  • Includes all hardware.
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855 Gather Chain Positioner
  • Advance/retard the gathering chain on your 855 stitcher effortlessly via a toggle switch.
  • Compact system is gearless, and leverages the use of the lineshaft.
  • Stitcher Gatherer make-ready is a snap for you can adjust the chain effortlessly, even on the fly to observe the delivery position of the stitcher.
  • ELIMINATES wasted time getting on your hands and knees, open the door with a tool, jogging the machine to the desired position, loosening the clamp coupling in an hard to reach area, grabbing the gathering chain and heaving it toward the stitcher, tightening the clamp coupling which has now rotated to a different position, close the door while standing back up to re-try another book to check delivery and having to repeat the process until delivery is good. Now, all of this is done with a selector switch.
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Automatic Make-Ready Trimmer
  • Fully automatic Make-ready HT trimmer
  • Based on LMI's 'One-Touch' products, with the addition of infeed guides
  • All the following trimmer items can be job saved and recalled for automatic makeready: Infeed raceway settings, pusher, head and foot joggers, backstops, one or both side knives with chip extraction shoes, Transport, and delivery.
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CoBind Stitcher

Co-Bind stitchers capable of producing fully selective books with unlimited book-to-book changes of Stitch centering, thickness, wire feed, and stitch compression.

  • SP1000 stitchers
  • Computerized make-ready and run
  • Can produce book swings up to the maximum stitcher capabilities
  • Works with existing Co-bind LMI products downstream
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LMI Co-Mail High Speed Stacker

LMI Stacker. 30,000 BPH

  • For Co-mail applications
  • For high speed lines (Sim/Burrs CoMailers, SP2200, SP2500, Supra)
  • Can townsort as little as 1 book at full speed, even in single side pushout
  • Automatically centers the book to the stacker. Moving Co-mailer guides no longer necessary during make-ready
  • Automatic book tracking from the stacker nose to delivery
  • Dual stage divert gate can divert 2 types of books
  • Delivery is so fast, that it is possible to deliver single side with only an inch between products on the fly (one stack is still moving out of the stacker with the second one moving 1” behind it, together, so on and so on).
  • Fully dynamic bins: they change their capacity based on thickness of the stream coming in
  • Fully dynamic pusher height: it can change it's stack height capacity based on the actual stack height, allowing faster drops
  • Overcomes shortcomings of the BS60 and RIMA stacker configurations, for LMI's is built for Co-mail applications
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One-Touch Trim Options
Along with LMI's touch screen operated ONE-TOUCH backstops, we also offer:
  • One-touch Head Trim system (adjust the head trim On-the-fly for time saving adjustments without stopping the line)
  • One-touch Foot Trim system
  • One-touch Jogger
  • All products are from a scaled down LMI Servo Co-Bind system
  • All One-Touch products are Save/Recall capable for fast make-ready
  • TQM trend analysis feedback to the backstops and joggers also available
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FS Stitcher Tuck-Transfer UPGRADE
  • FS improved tuck/transfer system
  • Slower delivery for a smoother transfer into the Trimmer Infeed lugs
  • eliminates all canted pull-up rollers! Also the mutilator rollers and 6 gearboxes
  • 70% of transfer unit maintenance labor hours eliminated
  • variable thickness
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Variable Thickness Inkjet Adapter

Reference: LMI-027

  • Print with constant gap between your Ink Jet head and the book with variable thickness 0 - 1"
  • Zero Make-Ready
  • Print anywhere on the book. Supports multiple head printing of Co-bound books
  • Book remains flat and controllable -even at high speed
  • Drops into most popular mail tables with no additional length requirements topside
  • Servo driven stand-alone units also available
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Variable Thickness Front Clamp

LMI Variable front knife clamp

  • LMI's upgraded BEAM clamp that adjusts similarly like an HT20 via two screws. -gear rack eliminated
  • 2 stage selectable height clamp
  • Can be controlled by user, or by LMI's current VTB controller which handles multiple trimmer functions with only one ink-jet signal per book
  • Available for All HT15's, HT18, HT20, HT-151
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Servo Hopper with Reverse Feed
  • Servo driven P-15 / P311
  • Can be mounted onto the Line, or turned to reverse feed onto the line
  • Automatic adjust sig placement onto the chain on-the-fly
  • No chains or guards necessary
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P15 Hopper to SP1000 kit
  • Allows a P-15 hopper to be installed and run on an SP-1000
  • Includes Electrical, LPA, VAC, and Latchout adapters
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P15 Hopper to Muller Base Kit
  • Kit to adapt a P-15 hopper to a Muller Base
  • Innovative design allows for a smooth running hopper with excellent longevity
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LMI Pocket Printer
  • Based on P-15 / P-311 and H-211 / H-311
  • Automatic internal timing handles each leading edge of the sig, to individually time it to the gripper drum
  • Servo driven to the gathering chain. On-the-fly gathering chain placement adjustable
  • Fast Make-ready
  • Easy to time in, and it stays in time
  • no product slippage or twist
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