Black Oxide Finishing

  • Hot Oxide process
  • Size capabilities up to 47" X 34"
  • Oxide Hot-roll, Cold-roll, TG&P & Stressproof Materials
  • Prep services available
  • Pickup & Delivery available
  • Over 10 years Experience
What is Black Oxide?

Black oxide or 'blackening' is a conversion coating for ferrous materials. It is used to add mild corrosion resistance and for appearance. Hot blackening involves dipping the metal into various tanks. The piece is 'dipped' by automated part carriers for transportation between tanks. These tanks contain: alkaline cleaner, water, caustic soda (at high temp) and the sealant (usually oil). The caustic soda bonds chemically to the surface of the metal, creating a porous base layer on the metal part. Oil is then applied to the heated part, which seals it by 'sinking' into the applied porous layer. It is the oil that prevents the corrosion of the metal part.

There are many advantages of blackening including:
  • blackening can be done in large batches (ideal for small parts, bolts etc...)
  • zero dimensional impact
  • it is far cheaper than similar corrosion protection systems, such as paint & electroplating