Stitcher Upgrades

SP 1000 Split Pullup Wheels

Reference: FS15-128CLM

Allows for quick replacement of the 6 pullup wheels in the FS stitcher. The normally 8 hour job can now be done in 30 minutes. Also allows for a single damaged roller to be replaced instead of the entire set. See part number: FS15-128CLM.

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SP1000 INDEPENDANT Dual Chain Tensioner

Reference: FS30A001LM •Independent chain air tensioner for the FS Stitcher

  • Bolt-On Upgrade
  • Dual air cylinders allow for custom tensioning to maximize on the individual characteristics of each chain
  • Maintains minimum tension when stitcher air pressure is removed to prevent chain derailment when air returns
  • Improved chain lubrication applicator adds life to chain
  • Constant brush application angle
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Split Operating Lever

Reference: CS14212-1LM

Save a long job pulling out the entire operating bar and lever system by leaving it intact and simply adding this split lever. Your old lever can be moved aside or removed by cutting its clamp.

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855 Style Tuck Transfer for FG/SS-2/SP750/SP850 Stitchers
  • SP855 style Tuck Transfer System
  • Upgrades stitcher models: FG, SS-2, SP750, SP850
  • Smooths transfer from stitcher to trimmer
  • Reduces book wrinkling
  • Quick change features for crush rollers and pulleys
  • Sets up for normal books, then automatically pinches closed for under-books.>/li>
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SS15 Delivery Units

Left Hand, Right Hand, or Dual custom Tuck-Transfer Delivery Units for SS-15 / 855 stitchers. Can be fully customized such as Slow-Down delivery to the trimmer, selective pinch rollers, High speed independent reject gate, Easy change crush rollers, SP1000 type steel crush rollers, ect..

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AC Drive System Upgrade

Converts existing DC motors to high efficient, low maintenance AC motor and drive

  • Higher reliability, Less maintenance, and much greater energy efficiency. We offer both Allen Bradley and Siemens systems.
  • New, high-efficiency belt drive included. Modern higher motor rpm allows better gearing between the motor and drive line. This reduces motor size/cost and further reduces Kw/h's to operate.
  • New drive package is Profibus ready, and drives the line with near zero ripple, -even without a trimmer flywheel.
  • Includes several user-customizable I/O on the drive, and includes Ethernet. Profibus and Motion capable.
  • Low profile Axial fan requires NO FILTERS! which means no more filter changes -Ever. Drive uses the same footprint as the existing drive it replaces.
  • Upgrade includes all hardware, software, components, electrical prints.
  • Typically installed by Loudon Machine Inc. as a turn-key system.
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Super Stitcher

Upgrades the SS-II style stitcher to all the features of an SS-15 stitcher found on SP855 and SP870 lines

  • Variable tuck transfer, pinch roller bar can be set for book, and closes down onto rejected books.
  • Split shuttle bar allows the first 3 grippers to match your gathering chain speed therefor eliminating lug crinkling the books.
  • Shuttle is replaced with the SS-15's twin linear bearing shuttle.
  • Quick-change steel crush rollers for easier maintenance
  • Belt driven, tamper resistant saddle jam detector, missing stitch detector, and more!
  • all adds up to a superior performing stitcher.
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Electric Wire Feeder Upgrade for SP-1000's (FS-1000 Stitcher)

Reference: LMI-103

Convert your old mechanical wire feeder over a modern electric feeder

  • consistent wire feed length for repeatable stitch length performance
  • easy bolt-on upgrade
  • touch screen for easy operator use
  • Electric inhibit eliminates the need for the mechanical air cylinder and complex cam latch
  • OPTIONAL: Selective wire length / Digital Missing Stitch detection upgrade / broken wire detector
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Left Hand Delivery Unit Conversion

Reference: LMI-100

Convert the SP1000 stitcher delivery from right hand over to Left Hand.

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