HT Trimmer Upgrades

  • Improves cut quality on perfect bound books with slice action side knives.
  • Customers report that it greatly reduces chip-out of the book spine compared to the stock knives.
  • Gives your trimmers side knife cut performance to be on par with the HT-151, yet retain much of the HT15's broad book range.
  • Increases your max book thickness to 1"
  • Increases your cut-off trim to 1.5"
  • Includes a new LMI single belt thick book transporter

Recently Declassified.

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HT151 SmoothFlow

Reference: LMI-043

  • Greatly improves book flow, speed, and trim quality though the front knife area at all speeds.
  • Gone are the effect of book slamming against the backstops, bouncing and buckling. Tandem backstops per side no longer required. Make-ready reduced moving only 2 stops instead of 4.
  • Greatly improved pusher control. High wear prone V-rollers and lubrication are ELIMINATED. New system uses the successful zero maintenance lubeless linear slide technology.
  • Better chip handling, less chips dragging through the trimmer.
  • New concept of pusher 'catch and meet the book' prevents the book from falling into the pusher lug upon fade-away and bouncing at higher speeds. Along with 'capture on the fly' backstops, the new motion improves book control to allow the smooth transition to 'touch' the backstops every time.
  • Maintenance reduced: No V-tracks, V-rollers, roller eccentrics, cross support, 2 of the lift cam springs are removed, associated lube lines, and pusher finger spacers have all been eliminated.
  • The 4 infeed cam springs have a reduced workload, with less breakage.
  • Trimmer is re-timed to work with the new system.
  • Does not inhibit existing trim capabilities of the trimmer. Adds additional Book Width capability up to 10.5"
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External CamBelt Drive for HT151's

Reference: LMI-058

  • Greatly simplifies the CamBelt drive, and transport drive systems by combining both into one.
  • Easy access. Being located outside the trimmer frame, belt changes can be done in 1 minute.
  • Entire system fits behind current trimmer guarding.
  • Eliminates the internal CamBelt drive system inside the trimmer.
  • Eliminates the Rear Camshaft, Cam, bearings, and internal guarding.
  • Frees up another trimmer access hole- Lower transport split-shaft design allows quick lower transport belt changes.
  • Belt system and guarding on the L.H. side of the trimmer is completely eliminated.
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1.5" Side Knife Chip Kit For HT151's

Reference: LMI-050

  • Allows maximum cut-off trim to be increased to 1.5"
  • Improved waste extraction system. Does not hang up on large trimmings
  • Allows a smaller minimum book, and Larger maximum book to be produced
  • Features a slick, all electric side knife airblast system
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2.5" Wide Face Trim for HT15's

Reference: LMI-039

  • Upgrades the front knife (face) trim from 1" maximum trim-off to 2.5" trim-off.
  • Rated from 1/8" cut-off trim all the way to 2.5" trim. All thicknesses, all speeds up to 15,000 books per hour.
  • LMI's all electric, Through knife holder Air blast system with speed-advance.
  • Secondary front knife housing blast with above features, that can be electrically selected on/off for wide trim mode.
  • Missing book detector (requires zero make-ready) instantly detects hung up books within 1 book space.
  • wide gate opening makes setting up the lower knife easier
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One-Touch Automatic Backstops

Reference: LMI-056

  • Allows One-Touch operation of the face trim, even on the fly.
  • Eliminates having to stop to the trimmer to ‘tweak’ the backstops.
  • Eliminates backstop scales, backstop cams, and linkages.
  • Independently adjust trim size, and skew.
  • Increases quality for now the operator may make minute adjustments without stopping the line previously not justified for such a minute adjustment.
  • Heavy duty Touchscreen with simple layout, and built-in instructions for new operators.

See it in operation here:

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Selective Transporter

Reference: Variable Thickness HT Transporter

NOW AVAILABLE = The CURRENT Single Belt Version

  • Call TODAY for details
  • Highly improved design
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Infeed Registering Center Plate

HT Trimmer Infeed Registering Center Plate

  • Pre-register books
  • Reduces book movement
  • Enhances trim quality
  • Excellent tool for Selective production
  • Improves performance when trimming varying width signatures

Downloads: Brochure

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Centerline Drive Lower Transport Belt

LMI Centerline Drive for Lower transports

  • Automatic centering of the lower transport belt provides more accurate book tracking
  • Flangless pulleys resists packing with paper dust
  • Because the belt is self-centering, the belt edges never get damaged by pulley flanges or skid plates.
  • Use Model # LMI-060 for HT15 trimmers
  • Use Model # LMI-041 for HT151 trimmers
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Selective Trim Quality Monitor (TQM) for VTB trimmers

Selective Trim Quality Monitor (for HT trimmers)

  • Selectively inspects variable trimmed books inside the trimmer
  • Inspects: Face trim distance, Face trim skew, Head & Foot trim skew in the side knives.
  • Tolerances can be set independently for each selective book based on customer needs
  • Tolerances can be saved/recalled in conjunction with a particular book utilizing the book save/recall system
  • “Bad Book” output to the line controller in order to reject the bad book
  • “Bad Book” history with description (Which book, and why the book was bad)
  • Remote Touch Screen update to LMI's VTB controller. Does not require additional inputs from the line controller.
  • Works with all book sizes, and cannot be fooled by a book cut in half, or by good face trim books that have spun.
  • Uses ultra high speed fiber-optics for accurate measurements, and a new method of book tracking.
  • Easy to install. Bolt-on upgrade. Also available in non-selective form, and as 1-up standalone form.

Downloads: Brochure

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LMI Selective Trim / Variable Trim

Reference: Specify HT15, HT18, HT20, HT151

Allows multiple face cut dimensions to be used in the trimmer at the same time, each with their own spine to face width and their own skew. For example, a 9" book and a 8" book can be co-binded and selectively trimmed in the trimmer accurately at full speed. Unlimited Trim swing between books. Unlimited skew. Robust and reliable. You only need to supply the signals to the trimmer from your controller regarding which book it's cutting.

Downloads: Brochure

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Infinite Variable Servo Trim
  • Allows your trimmer to trim an unlimited variety of books at the same time, on all 3 book sides.
  • Unlimited range and speed.
  • Includes built in selective jogger control -no additional selective signals required
  • Includes built in Selective TQM. Set tolerances on the face trim and skew independently per book
  • Easy to use touch screen for quick multiple book setups.
  • Save and Recall Books at any time.
  • A pair of tall, robust backstops move to set books on-the-fly, at full trimmer speed. For example, one book could be trimmed at 9.25" wide, and the very next one behind it could be trimmed at 5" wide. Full accuracy is always realized even if the back stops move 0.01" or 5.5".
  • Independent book settings allows operators to customize trim the length, width, and skew for each book while not affecting the others. Slight trim errors that were not worth stopping the line earlier can now be compensated for instantly.
  • Make-Ready for the entire setup is made in seconds with the touch screen, saving you time!
  • The Backstops, Jogger, and side knife systems are very robust, have less mass than the original mechanical systems they replace, and will provided gainful operation for many years. Available on all HT trimmers. (Servo side knives not available on the HT-151, but can be substituded for HT-152 servo side knives)
  • AVAILABLE in any combination: Servo Side Knife Trim (either or both sides), Servo Jogger, Servo Face trim, and Servo Pushers.

Downloads: Brochure

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Infinite Servo Cut-off Trim INFEED Upgrade
  • Allows the trimmer to selectively respond to different book cut-off widths at the pusher side of the knives
  • Enhances book control during the process, and maximizes paper savings.
  • Simple, on-the-fly settings via touchscreen adjusts pusher stroke, pusher compression, distance the infeed lug leads the pusher, and selective book settings.
  • Dual axis servos allow seamless integration between chain and pusher
  • Smooth, servo controlled infeed flow (no longer mechanically operated)
  • Deletion of troublesome mechanical parts.
  • Integrates directly with the LMI Servo Trim Backstops, and requires no additional signals from your controller.
  • Made from high grade materials, and utilizing all Allen Bradley Motion components, this system will give you the capability, reliability, and smoothness that you'd expect from Loudon Machine. Available for HT-15, HT-18, HT-20 trimmers.
  • Minimum and Maximum cut-off: -Unlimited
  • Maximum Range (Swing): -Unlimited
  • Maximum Speed: -Unlimited
  • Compression: -Unlimited
  • Infeed Lug lead-over-pusher: -Unlimited.
  • Maximum number of selective book trims: 500
  • Cut-off Resolution: 0.001"
  • Infeed Lug to Pusher resolution: 0.001"
  • HT-15 kit number: LMI-014
  • HT-18 kit number: LMI-015
  • HT-20 kit number: LMI-015
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Infeed Bearing Roller Upgrade

Reference: LMI-030

Replaces the failure prone grease tube and bushing rollers over to a solid shaft and bearing mounted rollers.

  • Permanent fix to the chronic wear rollers
  • Reduces belt breakage from the stitcher to the trimmer infeed
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Heavy Duty Jogger

Reference: See description for kit number

(Bolt-on Upgrade) This upgrades the HT trimmer's original flimsy jogger to a more robust, heavy duty jogger. While the plate and contact spring is the same (what the book feels) the guiding and actuating mechanism is greatly improved. Jogger is now simpler, more rugged, and operates on linear bushings. Actuator arm is fully supported on two ends via a yoke, resulting in a firm, square, operation that will far outlast the original jogger. Remember the jogger plays a critical role in the squareness of the book.

  • HT15 Trimmers, Left Hand Jogger, use kit # HT30A177LM
  • HT15-V Trimmers, Left Hand Jogger, use kit # HT30A254LM
  • HT15-V Trimmers, Right Hand Jogger, Use kit # HT30A238LM
  • HT18 Trimmers, Left Hand Jogger, use kit # HT30A257LM
  • HT20 Trimmers, Left Hand Jogger, use kit # HT30A253LM
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Selective Jogger

Reference: See description for kit number

Allows jogger to jog two (or more) different size books, or one book with two different Head/Foot cut-off sized signatures. Operator pre-sets the second book jogged setting (say, 3/16" wider for a certain selective sig) and the jogger will selectively jog to the proper dimension for the proper book.

Also available in servo form which can be adjusted on the fly, and handle a large array of selectivity.

*Specify Trimmer type, Left or Right hand side jogger, 1 or 2 or 4 position selective jogger, Optional Servo Jogger, VTB-III equipped yes/no, and measurements for the position changes you desire.

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LMI Stationary Jogger

Fine tune stationary jogger on the opposite side of your primary jogger, allows quick and simple adjustment while maintaining parallelism. Hard coated plate for long lasting durability.

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Reverse Jogger

Reference: See description for kit number

Reverse Jogger based on our Heavy Duty Jogger. Available on all HT trimmers. Please Specify type. (Shown is an HT-15V trimmer)

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Side Knife Upper Support Bar

Prevents the lower side knife casting from deflecting inward -the leading cause of sloppy side knife guides. Features half-moon cut-out for T-handle Allen's to allow operators to quickly access the side knife clamps without having to use ball-ends (Also available on our lower support bars). After straightening your housing, bolt these bars in for maximum support. "Living" locator feature prevents loss of location even when the bar is removed and replaced.

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Bedplate Mounted Infeed Guides

Reference: See description for kit numbers

Replace your top rail mounted infeed guides with this superior design. Our hard anodized aluminum guides feature a wide mouth with a tapered guide blade to eliminate tape. These guides mount directly onto the bead plates via large hand knobs. No more vertical brackets and loose rivets to hassle with.

  • HT-15 Trimmers: Use kit number HT30A394LM to work with a stitcher, or HT30A395LM to work with a Universal Shuttle Hopper.
  • HT-18 or HT-20 Trimmers: Use kit number LMI-028 to work with a stitcher.
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Lower Transport Chain to BELT DRIVE

Reference: LMI-074

Update your old chain drive over to belt drive featured on newer HT15's. This helps tightens the tracking relationship between the upper and lower transports, and deletes another sloppy oily chain.

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Missing Book Detector

Augments or replaces existing book jam detectors by optically detecting the presence of a book (or lack thereof).

  • instantly stops the line whenever a single book gets hung up.
  • Immune to operator setups, or mechanical detectors set too high, or mechanical detectors not detecting pile-ups.
  • For all HT trimmers.
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1.5" Side Knife CUT-OFF TRIM upgrade
  • Increase Side knife Cut-off trim to 1.5" on HT15, HT18, and HT20 trimmers
  • For 1 or both head and foot knives.
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Front Knife Beam Clamp

Reference: LMI-029

Replace your old style rack and pinion clamp with this billet aluminum beam clamp. The clevises clamp permanently onto the clamp posts while the clamp independently adjusts via the two mounting bolts -the same style used on HT-20's. Available on Reverse Knife HT-15's, also available on HT-15V where only the beam clamp is used.

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Chip Gate Upgrade

Reference: See Description for Kit number

(Bolt-on upgrade) Upgrades the old V-roller chip gate carrier assembly to linear bearings. New system rides on horizontal linear shafts through oilless, self-aligning bearings. Results in a much more stout chip gate, and fewer parts to wear.

  • Available in ~HT-15V, ~HT-18, ~HT-20, ~HT-151
  • HT-15V trimmers, use kit # HT30A235LM
  • HT-18 trimmers, use kit # HT30A236LM
  • HT-20 trimmers, use kit # HT30A236LM
  • HT-151 trimmers, use kit # HT30A237LM
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High Strength Draw Links

Sporting more than twice the tensile strength of your origional drawlinks, Our new links are made from aircraft grade solid billet aluminum. Extra metal was added in the bolt cap areas where cracks and breaks typically occurs. Also features longer threaded wells for the bolts. Higher tensile strength better captures the bearing and prevents 'slap' which also plagued the old cast drawlinks. Especially suited for HT20 trimmers, HT-15 "thick book" (modified for 1" books), and HT-151's.

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Backbone Skiver (spine slitter)

Reference: HT30A169LM

Eliminate "Dog Ears" with this Bolt-on upgrade. Skiver addresses the area of thicker square-back books going through the side knives of the HT-trimmer. Our system has a coarse adjust and a fine adjust that can accurately position the blade to the book. The dual use blade, ramps to the book and registers itself up to 1/8" while cutting the backbone. Blades can be rotated to double up on life.

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HT Anti Surge Infeed

Reference: See description for kit number

Eliminates the infeed chain surging that plagues HT trimmers. Gives the book a smooth transition from the infeed chain lug to the pusher lug resulting in better trim squareness and fewer front knife jams. Available in all HT trimmers.

  • HT15 Trimmers, use kit # HT30A136LM
  • HT18 Trimmers, use kit# HT30A155LM
  • HT20 Trimmers, use kit# HT30A155LM
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Chainless Infeed Drive

Drives the entire infeed seprately from the trimmer, eliminating the crankshaft to infeed drive chain. Uses a direct belt drive from the stitcher (in Saddle systems or the line shaft drive in perfect bind systems). compatible with or without flywheels, and keeps the infeed lug to pusher relationship tight. Available on all HT trimmers.

Add the LMI anti-surge kit for further elimination of internal chain, gear, and lube systems and enjoy better book handling.

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Front Knife and Clamp Upgrade

Replaces the hideous front clamp multi-linkage system in the HT-15 trimmer to a single link direct connection from the clamp to the lower camshaft. This greatly reduces clamp slop, allows the clamp to raise higher resulting in fewer knife jams, eliminates the chip gate cams, and greatly enhances performance. NEW Upper and Lower knife housing castings, NEW lower camshaft cams that allow the clamp to raise high, then after the spine of the book passes through, the clamp settles down to just over the book, then quickly clamps down at the exact position. NEW front knife beam clamp with hard coated clamp pads. Also included is the heavy duty Chip gate round linear bearing frame rail system, and our new solid aluminum rear infeed support frame.

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Outfeed Delivery Extension Kit
  • Extends the delivery chains to the trimmer's end frame. Helps with delivery to downstream equipment
  • Hard Anodized bed plates with heavy duty side guides.
  • Fits all models of HT trimmers
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Intelligent Airblast

Works with the front knife airblast system. The advantage of the intelligent system is that it automatically cuts off the airblast after 5 seconds of duration. This is handy in saving energy and noise when stopping the trimmer in a knife-downward position. Most importantly, it ensures the operator does not 'temporarily' close the trimmer's blast supply valve and then forgetting about it (which causes a chip gate jam)

Available on all HT trimmers.

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LMI Shear Pin Detector

Our detector features a flexible rat tail jam switch with a reset button. Will not be bent or tweaked out of calibration by trimmer guard removal, nor mangled by a maintenance man's boot when working on the trimmer. Also includes an upgraded clutch mounted kick-out flag. The new shape guarantees a large, parallel surface to be presented to the detector at any speed. Includes all mounting hardware.

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HT Trimmer Guard (Gull Wing)

Reference: LMI-185

Gives the operator excellent access to the trimmer without the restrictions of older guards. Effortlessly open anywhere with powered lift assist. Works with taller operators and offers better visibility and noise reduction. Front and side knife housings can be lifted off without removing the guard support.

Downloads: Brochure

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