Test and Training Stands

Allows Technicians to fully run hoppers on a stand-alone powered stand with safety and troubleshooting aids.

Our stands allow silent vacuum operation for ease of troubleshooting hopper noises, and offer a better training environment.

Saddle Stitcher Feeder Stand

Training stand version has replica station controls, quiet with air and vacuum hookups.

  • For all Goss, Harris, Sheridan, Heidelberg Saddle Stitcher Pockets
  • P15, P2, P311, H211, H311, FF100, FF150, FF155, & FG models
  • Muller hopper adapter optional.
  • Run, jog, stop controls
  • Vacuum control
  • Latch Out Option
  • Variable speed controller
  • Pneumatic silent vacuum or pump vacuum
  • Plug-ins for missed signature and jam switch both operating a light and automatic machine shutdown should a jam occur
  • Belt or chain drive with a kick out clutch detector
  • Fully guarded with easy access panels
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RG Feeder Stand
  • RG Gatherer Training or Testing
  • Safety kick out clutch
  • Belt driven
  • Air & Vacuum regulators
  • Run, Jog, Stop
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Silent vacuum generation
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