Feeder, Pockets, Hoppers

Goss - Harris - Heidelberg - Sheridan - AM Graphics

Stitcher Model series: SP650 - SP705 - SP750 - SP755 - SP805 - SP850 - SP855 - SP870 - SP1000 - SP1100 - SP2200

Are you looking to rebuild your feeders? Are you considering expanding your saddle-stitcher with additional bases & feeders? Loudon Machine is the #1 provider in the industry for Goss, Harris, Heidelberg, Sheridan Feeders and Bases. Models P-2, P-15, and P-311 are our specialty. We have provided hundreds of units to the industry over the years. Loudon Machine feeders are in production nationwide, including: RR Donnelley - Quad Graphics - Quebecor World - Publishers Press and many more!

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Available Options
  • Stainless Steel Primary Drum
  • Short sig kit
  • Super short sig kit
  • Anti Curl Kit
  • On the fly Adjustments for Stripper needles
  • On the fly Adjustments for the governor pin
  • Inhibit system. Latched or Pushed style
  • 24 DC or 110 AC voltage for inhibit
  • A set of old style Transfer Drum Grippers to run reverse lap
  • Sword/ Higgins drag. Higgins Drag comes with Left side mounted drag-back assembly.
  • Guard Safety Switch
  • Single or double jogging board
Available Options - Cont.
  • Adjustable jogging board
  • Color of jogging board
  • Transfer drum gripper seat with replaceable steel inserts
  • Sucker swing lever eccentric bolt
  • Mechanical or Banner Photo eye for Missing Sig detection
  • Banner photocell and bracket for sword gathering detection
  • Eyelet anchors on top of frames
  • Prox encoder on primary shaft
  • Quick disconnects on air and vacuum lines
  • P-15 or P-II style of Sig. Guides
  • P-15 or P-II style Side Guide brackets
  • P-15 or P-II style Feed board

Heavy Duty Drag System

(Bolt-on Upgrade) Based on the Higgins Drag, Our drags are heavier duty, wider, and have a broader check eye target area which is also recessed to protect the reflector. A new compound wiper and check eye sensor operate independent of each other, giving the operator maximum flexibility to control the signature. All these enhancements give longevity, durability, and a superior book delivered out of the inserter area.

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Bases for P-15 Feeders

Reference: 2 or 4 station bases

P-15 Feeder Bases (Harris - Sheridan - Goss)
  • For stitcher models SP870, 855, 850, 755, 750, 705, 650
  • 2 or 4 stations
  • optional zone air station
  • optional inhibit features
  • NEW or Rebuilt bases available
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Bases for P-311 & P211 Feeders

Reference: 2 station bases (narrow or wide tower)

Bases for P-311 & P211 Feeders
  • For Goss saddle-stitcher models SP1000, SP1100, SP2200
  • Narrow or Wide towers available
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