About Loudon Machine

Loudon Machine specializes in the worldwide supply of bindery equipment, parts and service to the commercial printing industry.

Established in 1982, by Peter & Belle Brandenburger, LMI started out as a two person operation located next door to their home in rural Beecher City, IL. The name "Loudon" was chosen simply because "Brandenburger" wouldn't fit on the sign. The name "Loudon" was the name of the township where the shop was originally located. At the time, LMI provided machining services to the local oil field industry, farming, and printing companies. As the number of employees grew, along with the need for space, Peter moved the business, in 1987, to it's present location, 709 Wabash Ave, Effingham, IL. At this time, the business decided to focus on the printing industry.

Building additions in 1991 and 2004 brought the total square footage to it's current 34,000 square feet. The space is divided up into various areas including: Research & Design, Parts Inventory, Assembly and Warehouse.


Loudon Machine, INC works with the world's largest commercial printers including: RR Donnelley, Quebecor World, Brown Printing, Dingley Press and Quad Graphics. Midsize companies such as locally owned Kingery Printing, Stephenson Printing in Alexandria, VA and D.B. Hess, Woodstock, IL make up a large portion of our customer base.

Loudon Machine continues to focus on Remanufacturing Bindery Equipment. However, a recent movement into Upgrades and Enhancements, has created quite a buzz in the industry. Meeting customer's needs for running faster, more efficient and with greater capability is priority #1 for the team at Loudon Machine.

Loudon's philosophy of investing in good people and good ideas, combined with a strong history, points towards an exciting future.

Early Days of Loudon Machine!

State of the art!

This is a photo direct from the Loudon Archives. Company founder, Peter Brandenburger, inspects an HT trimmer. Note the "state of the art" drive.